I am going to miss this gorgeous summer sun. What a beautiful afternoon spent with this super fun family (and cousins too!).

Before a session with me, I always make sure we talk on the phone before hand to get to know one another a bit so when we show up for our session it’s not WHAM! nice to meet you. I find it helpful to go over what my clients should expect during a session with me, so there are no surprises come the day of (you know, like me singing Elmo or dancing like a monkey). During our pre-session phone call Lora tried to wriggle out of being in the photos crying she had nothing to wear. My response, throw on your favorite jeans that you love because they flatter you so well, a colorful tee, and some flip flops and call it a day. I know to a lot of photographers that clothes make or break the photos. I am not one of them. While I do think clothes are important, I truly believe your clothing should reflect you. What do you feel pretty in? Wear that? No need to get all fancy, matchy matchy, or go crazy. When you look back at these photos in the years to come you’re not going to be so caught up in what you were wearing, but rather the memories we created of these real moments and real emotions of your family. So yeah, sorry to bully you into the photos Mama, but seriously, you would have missed out on all this awesomeness (and you looked amazingly beautiful so shush!!).

Not sure if you could tell from the photos, but cousins both love the Oregon Ducks. =) And man, I just had a blast photographing Little Miss J, what a great age, so so beautiful and still sweet before the dreaded teenage years. =) And oh man, don’t get me started on little man. He is the same age as my two, but sooooooo much easier to photograph. Thank you so much B Family for a wonderful and warm afternoon, soaking up the last bit of summer.

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