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Hi! Welcome to my photo blog!! Of course I love to take photos, but I also love to share them. Here is where you will find my favorite images from recent sessions. You'll also be seeing my crazy five year old twins from time to time. I will share news, special promotions, and other announcements here so check back often!! You can also sign up for my newsletter to hear about special sales and promotions.

I am a natural light family photographer specializing in real laughs and awesome fun. If you are interested in booking a session you can reach me at 541.639.2355 or by email

Whew! Not sure where to even start. Anybody out there?!? It’s been a lonnnnnnng while since I’ve visited this old hangout. With our first year of home school coming to an end I can finally get my head up for some air. More on home school later, for now I wanted to share sneak a peek of this super fun and adventurous little boy whose smile will melt the coldest of hearts. I had so much fun chasing, laughing, singing, and tickling these kids (more peeks later), thank you Mama J and family for a wonderful, heartfelt, and fun session. A great way to start the season!!!

Summer Mini Sessions available thru the end of August (limited sessions available)
30-45 minute session
One location
10-14 Full Resolution Digital Images on DVD
No fuss no muss – just fun, sun, and lots of laughter

And please, just ignore my VERY VERY outdated website and blog… day when I have a few free weeks I’ll get my new one up and running. =)

  2013 Book List

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As far as 2013 goes, I’m happy to send it on its merry little way. It wasn’t my favorite year…..for that matter, it was by far my LEAST favorite of my adult life. But! I created a new record for myself for books read in a year. I normally average 60-80 a year, which isn’t bad, but this year I took it to an entire new level….112 books!! Granted, a lot of them were sequels and easy reads, but still….112!!

As usual, recommended reads are in bold (I also put in bold a few authors that I love).

Darkness, My Old Friend ¤ Lisa Unger ***
Kill you Twice ¤ Chelsea Cain ****
A Cool Breeze on the Underground ¤ Don Winslow ****
Deadline ¤ Mira Grant ****1/2
Heartbroken ¤ Lisa Unger ****
Your Six Year Old: Loving and Defiant ¤ Louise Bates Ames *****
Blackout ¤ Mira Grant ****
The Trail to Buddhas Mirror ¤ Don Winslow ***
The Gifts of Imperfection ¤ Brene’ Brown *****
Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box ¤ Mira Grant ****
Way down the High Lonely ¤ Don Winslow ****
A Walk up to the Water ¤ Don Winslow ****
Pretty Little Liars ¤ Sara Shepard ** 1/2
While Drowning in the Dessert ¤ Don Winslow ***
Wonder ¤ R. J. Palacio *****
Angel Fire ¤ Lisa Unger ***
The Nobodies Album ¤ Carolyn Parkhurst ****
The Informationist ¤ Taylor Stevens ***** Re-read
Wild : From Lost to Found on the PCT ¤ Cheryl Strayed ****
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore ¤ Robin Sloan *****
Yesterday’s Gone ¤ Sean Platt ****

Beautiful Disaster ¤ Jamie McGuire *** 1/2
Outpost ¤ Adam Baker *****
Girl in Translation ¤ Jean Kwok *****

She’s Come Undone ¤ Wally Lamb ***
Abandon ¤ Blake Crouch ***
Defending Jacob ¤ William Landay *****
Murder on the Mind ¤ L.L. Bartlett ***
The Dinner ¤ Herman Koch ***
What Alice Forgot ¤ Liane Moriarty ****
Kin ¤ Kealan Patrick Burke ****
The Amateurs ¤ Marcus Sakey ****
The Glass Castle ¤ Jeannette Walls *****
The Likeness ¤ Tana French *****

Good People ¤ Marcus Sakey ****
The Pilot’s Wife ¤ Anita Shreve ****
Insurgent ¤ Veronica Roth **** 1/2

Broken Harbor ¤ Tana French ****
Faithful Place ¤ Tana French ****
Fun and Games ¤ Duane Swierczynski ****
Hell and Gone ¤ Duane Swierczynski ****
Point and Shoot ¤ Duane Swierczynski ****
The Blonde ¤ Duane Swierczynski ****
Trapped ¤ Jack Kilborn ****
Pines ¤ Blake Crouch ****
Requiem ¤ Lauren Oliver ***
Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick ¤ Joe Schreiber ****
Severence Package ¤ Duane Swierczynski ****
Afraid ¤ Jack Kilborn ****
Run ¤ Blake Crouch ****
Hard Landing ¤ Stephen Leather ***
Unwind ¤ Neal Shusterman ****
Freezing ¤ Clea Koff ****
UnWholly ¤ Neal Shusterman *** 1/2
Amped ¤ Daniel Wilson *** 1/2
15 Seconds ¤ Andrew Gross ****
Brilliance ¤ Marcus Sakey *****
The Cuckoo’s Calling ¤ Robert Galbraith ****
Whiskey Sour ¤ J.A. Konrath ***
Six Years ¤ Harlan Coben ***
Second Shift (Wool) ¤ Hugh Howey ***
Dark Places ¤ Gillian Flynn **** 1/2
The Last Word (Spellmans) ¤ Lisa Lutz ****
Third Shift: Pact (Wool) ¤ Hugh Howey ***
Cyberstorm ¤ Matthew Mather *****
Dust (Wool:Silo) ¤ Hugh Howey *****
Wayward ¤ Blake Crouch ****
Gone, But Not Forgotten ¤ Margolin Phillip **** 1/2
Plan to be Flexible (Homeschool) ¤ Alicia Kazsuk ****
Whiskey Rebellion ¤ Liliana Hart ***
Love you More ¤ Lisa Gardner ****
The 7th Month ¤ Lisa Gardner ***
Catch Me ¤ Lisa Gardner ****
Darkfever ¤ Karen Marie Moning ****
Dreamfever ¤ Karen Marie Moning ****
Bloodfever ¤ Karen Marie Moning ****
Shadowfever ¤ Karen Marie Moning ****
Faefever ¤ Karen Marie Moning ****
Whiskey Sour ¤ Liliana Hart ***
Whiskey for Breakfast ¤ Liliana Hart ****
The Doll ¤ Taylor Stevens *****
The Other Daughter ¤ Lisa Gardner ****
The Third Victim ¤ Lisa Gardner ****
A Dark Mind ¤ T.R. Ragan ****
Joyland ¤ Stephen King *****
Nickel Plated ¤ Aric Davis **** 1/2
Undead and Unwed ¤ MaryJanice Davidson ***
Undead and Unemployed ¤ MaryJanice Davidson ***
Undead and Unappreciated ¤ MaryJanice Davidson ***
Undead and Unreturnable ¤ MaryJanice Davidson ***
Undead and Unpopular ¤ MaryJanice Davidson ***
Kill City Blues ¤ Richard Kadrey *****
Ashes ¤ Ilsa J Bick ***
Undead and Unworthy ¤ MaryJanice Davidson ***
Undead and Uneasy ¤ MaryJanice Davidson ***
Dead is the New Black ¤ Marlene Perez ***
The Monkey’s Raincoat ¤ Robert Crais ***
Bruiser ¤ Neal Shusterman ****
Drowning Instinct ¤ Ilsa J. Bick ****
Shadows ¤ Ilsa J. Bick ***
Breaking Point ¤ Aric Davis ***
Rough Men ¤ Aric Davis ****
24 Hours ¤ Greg Iles ****
Lullaby Town ¤ Robert Crais ****
Stalking the Angel ¤ Robert Crais ****
Parasite ¤ Mira Grant ****
Free Fall ¤ Robert Crais ****
L.A. Requium ¤ Robert Crais ****
Sunset Express ¤ Robert Crais ****
Voodoo River ¤ Robert Crais ****
Indigo Slam ¤ Robert Crais ****
The Goldfinch ¤ Donna Tartt *****

Happy Reading!

2012 Book List
2011 Book List

I was so honored to photograph this family again and so happy to cuddle on sweet little C. She was so, so beautiful and older sister S is just as sweet and adorable!!

I love love love photographing newborn sessions. There is nothing like a brand new baby to bring out the love in everyone.

xoxo Thank you so much H family for a sweet and beautiful session!!

Hi again!!! What’s that you say? Two posts in one week?!?!? Why yes, yes it is. I thought I’d just stay on a roll and keep blogging. =) As I was looking thru the many sessions I have to blog I saw these and had to share. I’m so not a winter girl and this weeks ice, cold, and winter blues has me begging for summer to show its pretty little face. I’ll settle for these happy smiles from this super fun and awesome family.

Thank you again W family for another amazing and fun session!!

My poor little neglected blog. I have great intentions of getting around to blogging all of the wonderfulness that has come my way, but then real life smacks me in the face and it gets pushed to the back burner again and again. One day little bloggy, one day I’ll be back more often. =)
As I was editing these photos last night I found myself smiling, so I thought I’d share a little of the happy.

The energy of this family is so positive, fun, and happy. It seems like I met Ashlie and her family at the exact right time and things just clicked with us. She has home schooled her kids for years and has helped us navigate thru our first year of HS. Not to mention she’s just an awesome chick and her kids are just as awesome!!

Thank you guys for such a super fun day in the snow!! xoxo

It is kind of embarrassing that my new site is still not done, but I swear, it’s coming!!! Until then I’ll share some of this awesomely gorgeous family that I photographed this oh so gloriously sunny weekend at Shevlin Park.

Thank you once again ‘W’ Family for an amazing and fun session, I cannot wait for Baby J’s one year and cake smash!!

New site, the announcement of Spring Mini’s, and a giveaway coming soon!!! I know, promises, promises. =)

  Foto Friday Week 121

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Doctor Play Edition:

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Foto Friday…..whoops!! 2012 sucked as far as personal photos went and I’m sad and disappointed that I didn’t capture more of us, our real life, the day to day drama…or fun, depending on how you look at it. =) I plan to correct that for the future starting with this little ditty from the Doctor’s office yesterday. Shenzie is prone to ear infections and unfortunately the ENT thinks it might be time for tubes in her ears. =( Booo. Luckily this was a false alarm and no ear infection was found. =) Yay!

*All photos taken with my new sidekick, the Canon G15 (all straight from the camera with no editing other than sharpening the collage). It gets really tiring lugging the big camera around all the time and my poor outdated iphone 4 isn’t cutting it anymore. Enter my new best friend!! It fits in my purse easily, my coat pocket, and if my jeans weren’t so tight, it might almost fit in my back pocket. It definitely won’t replace my DSLR, but it is very convenient to have with me to catch the snapshots I would have otherwise missed. These were taken with no flash and a shutter speed of 1/60. Not bad Canon, not bad at all. I love that is has full HD video, can shoot RAW and manual, has tons of fun effects, is small and light, stops down to f1.8, and is pretty darn speedy for a PNS. The viewfinder is tiny and sucks, but so far that is my only complaint.

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